Your Money or Your Life

The book Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin was a wonderful tool for us to evaluate our spending and evaluate our progress. It is 9 clear steps to “Transform Your Relationship with Money”.   Unfortunately Joe passed away but Vicki continues to keep updating new editions and they have the same method and philosophy.

The steps are simple clear and well defined. By the time we found the book we were already pretty frugal with the goal of paying off debt, but this book helped us be more efficient. One of the steps is to make a chart (that we taped to our bedroom closet door) that kept us motivated. To this day we write down and evaluate everything we spend. It is not just about spending less. It is about spending on things you care about and not spending on things you don’t care about.


If you want to work through the program you can use just the book or you can also use the free study guide from the website started by the New Roadmap Foundation.

Click to access StudyGuide-ver-BSG1-ORIGINAL.pdf

If audiobooks are better for you the entire original book is on 4 discs that you can buy or listen to on YouTube.

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